The next day

“How the world is changing”,
Said the old man, clutching at the table,
“Who knows what the next day will bring?”

In the distance we could hear a bird sing
Sitting atop a sign with a flaking label:
“How the world is changing”.

“We really shouldn’t ling-”
I was cut off as a pair walked past the table:
“Who knows what the next day will bring,”

Is all I could catch before I continued, “Lingering
Would be inadvisable.”
“How the world is changing.”

He repeated. But my phone had already begun to ring.
“Private number”, I said, and answered as sweetly as I was able:
“How the world is changing.
Who knows what the next day will bring.”


So, I don’t know
What I’m supposed to know –
Or do,
Or see,
Or say –
But I’m pretty sure the right way
To go about it isn’t to stay
the path but to stray
From it.

That’s a hard thing
To do. Especially
When I –
When she –
When we
Maintain the status quo, and see
Our lives just sort of… well, sort of flee
from us. Just as we (think we)
Get it.

But I suppose
All we can do is wait –
Or try,
Or ask,
Or change –
And then we might not just maintain,
But find a subtle way to refrain
From ending up like the rest.
Or not.