5:15am – snooze, ten more.
Dream of sleep,
and the kids who need
with assignments.

5:25am – snooze, or
so I thought: hit the wrong
button and fumble
while I hold on
desperately for that wisp of
Reset the alarm.
Close my eyes.

5:37am – alarm rings on,
denial reigns, my
partner stirs –
snooze, just ten more.
I’ll get up earlier
I’ll go down earlier

5:48am – sleep.
Not me,
the alarm.
Have to face facts. Find
clothes. Rub eyes.
Sit, hoping it’s all a
No luck.

6:07am – Flush,
wash hands.
Can hear the water
boiling in the
One… Two… Three…
teaspoons instant
into a tiny cup.
Dash of water,
cold milk,
throw it back.
Pretend I
like it.

6:11am – shoes on,
run upstairs,
kiss L
goodbye, “I love you.
Have a good day.”
She smiles in
with 4 minutes left
for her.
Eternity for

7:07am – pull up
in carpark.
No one else here
but the tradies’ truck
parked in
my spot.
Sunnies on,
take coffee off
the roof. New
barista today.
Tastes like
Tradies have a smoke
next to the canteen.
“Morning!” to a kid
here early to

8:38am – bell rings.
People rush into the
staffroom. “Morning!”
I say,
as if I’m happy
to be there.
Push headphones further
into my head. Sip
my coffee, some more
instant “borrowed” from
a friend.
He doesn’t know.
One more essay before
the day

8:40am – bell rings.
4 minute warning.
Wish the others would
shut up.
Can’t blame them.
Keep reading.

8:44am – bell rings.
Finished that one.
Others will wait.

The day is starting.

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