Poetry – Tomorrow

Hey friends,

I hope all is going well. For my part, I have been having a pretty rough time as far as my mental health is concerned. I’m taking a day off work to collect myself tomorrow though, which I desperately need.

Here’s a villanelle – you just try and stop me from writing this cheesy-as form of poetry – I (mostly) wrote on the train into the city last Thursday, heading in to see a student’s State Drama performance.

I’m still having trouble with setting up the endings of these poems at the beginning (which I think is hard to understand unless you try and write one), so I guess I just have to keep on writing them!

Happy reading!


Tomorrow, I’m going to
let my old thoughts fly,
find something else to do,

and hold onto the fading image of you –
But in my thoughts I’ll look you in the eye.
Tomorrow, I’m going to

find one small thing that’s true,
search through it, and see the hidden lie
find something else to do,

destroy its beauty too,
and watch me as I cry,
“Tomorrow I’m going to

see how much you’ll go through;
see how hard you’ll help me try
find something else to do.”

And when all is done, they’ll see we two
hand-in-hand; eyes towards the sky.
Tomorrow, I’m going to
find something else to do.

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