Welcome to my writing blog!

I am basically trying, for my own sake, to post writing here as often as I can. Sometimes that is frequently, sometimes it is not. However it happens, feel free to hang around and chuck some comments under my writing if you really want. Be aware that I want to keep a positive vibe happening here, even if my writing is quite dark at times. We all have stuff to deal with and this is my way to do so. I am always open to constructive criticism though, as often it’s the only way we improve.

Also feel free to follow me here, on twitter, or even shoot me an email if you want to.

Here are some details about me:

Name: Richard

Occupation: Teacher

Location:  Sydney, NSW, Australia

Hobbies: Video Games, poetry, coffee (making and drinking), wine (just drinking), futsal

Age: Young enough to still say “young” without people laughing

Email: justabitofpoetry@gmail.com

Twitter: @Abitofpoetry