Poetry for the New Year

Hey friends,

It’s been great knowing that my writing has been getting out there and getting read in the last few months. Having people – even if it’s just people I know – get in contact and talk to me about how much my writing and poetry helps them with their own struggles is really heartening.

I will let my next three poems speak for themselves. I wrote the two haiku poems at the beach the other day, ignoring people and lost in my own thoughts, and I wrote the villanelle just a moment ago, to see the new year in.

I am really looking forward to writing more – especially more prose, and especially more for my novels – next year. It’s a habit I am really proud to be in. For the moment, I am just going to get these posted, and get back down to my darling wife, the dogs and the cat, who I am spending the night with for a quiet New Years celebration – then off to the beach again tomorrow!

Thanks for the support this year, happy reading, happy writing, and all the best going forward!

Richard 🙂

Villanelle – Next Year

Next year will be better:
I can see it, not so far away –
a yearning, sweet and bitter.

I hold the feeling close, yet her
sweet comfort will not come today.
“Next year will be better,”

I say to myself. However
there’s a new sensation at play:
a yearning, sweet and bitter.

This year’s struggle strangles like a fetter,
binds me to the ground like clay,
(but) next year will be better.

And when I hold her close, love letter
on my lips, I’ll softly say,
“a yearning sweet and bitter

is so much better together.”
And she’ll smile, as in our next day
next year will be better –
a yearning, sweet and bitter.

Haiku – Through the window

Verb: Defenestrate.
To throw away, out the window.
Our world, just burning.

Haiku – Smoke drifts

Cigarette smoke drifts,
and we complain as we sprawl
o’er the once pure land.

Haiku: An exploration pt. 2

Hi all,

Part two of my exploration into Haiku!


A Name

“What’s in a name?” she
said. Our souls – destined to be
bound, caught, forever.


They crisscross our land:
flagellants cutting deep scars
into the green hills.


Dew slides silently
down the windscreen. Engine on,
he wipes it away.

Game Over

Your score – horrific:
sea levels rose; worldwide war;
government failure.

Never Seen

A once-important trait, was
never seen again.

Haiku: An exploration

I haven’t really dabbled in the Haiku before, but I’m always interested to try my hand at a few things. Today my school had a trip to a water park and I got home late. I went to see my mum after school because it was easier than going home to make dinner for myself (I’m a lucky man) after a long day and I needed to vent. I have also been battling with paperwork that surrounds the house I’m buying with my partner. I think I’ll see where today’s not-so-positive mindset takes me with these poems. Who knows what will happen!




Dust falls- my eyes open.
If only I had slept that long.
A new day awakens.


Scratching on the page
my pacer moves back and forth-
my soul stripped bare.

Like Blood

It flows like thick blood –
Quick and heavy the money
That buys so little.


Trembling, the tall, terse
Lady leaves, looking luscious,
feeling ferocious.

The Key

A small key tinkles
as it sinks its teeth into the
tumbler’s open gut.