Poetry – Fears laid bare

Hey everyone,

It’s been a bit. Being a teacher, things have been nuts the last few weeks and I’ve been hanging on for dear life. I had a bit of a Commie moment (as I have a tendency to do) and got attacked by this poem in a moment of disdain and distrust for bankers and neo-liberal economic policy.

I literally wrote half this poem out all over my hand while at a traffic light on my way to school. When my muse strikes, they strike with gusto.

I hope y’all are safe and well, and that you’re staying inside until this all blows over.

Good luck out there!



Fears laid bare

Every day they face bulls and bears,
scared women and men, fears laid bare
beneath soft, silken suits. Under
it all they have no clothes.

Contemporary emperors
sell hopes on thin whims; just small things
to them. Phones ring, bringing bad news.
There’s tension in the air.

An explosion echoes through the
cathedral. The worshippers scream,
lean into their phones, and they weep.
“Save me,” is what they say

but not in so many words.
Instead like birds they screech,
“sell, sell, sell! The market’s gone
to hell!” And the numbers descend

until they’re saved by the bell.
Trading stops.
There’s silence in the hall
but for soft sobs that decorate the

glowing cavern while the
heroes of the laissez faire
take each others’ hands and wait
for the beast once again.

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