Haiku: An exploration

I haven’t really dabbled in the Haiku before, but I’m always interested to try my hand at a few things. Today my school had a trip to a water park and I got home late. I went to see my mum after school because it was easier than going home to make dinner for myself (I’m a lucky man) after a long day and I needed to vent. I have also been battling with paperwork that surrounds the house I’m buying with my partner. I think I’ll see where today’s not-so-positive mindset takes me with these poems. Who knows what will happen!




Dust falls- my eyes open.
If only I had slept that long.
A new day awakens.


Scratching on the page
my pacer moves back and forth-
my soul stripped bare.

Like Blood

It flows like thick blood –
Quick and heavy the money
That buys so little.


Trembling, the tall, terse
Lady leaves, looking luscious,
feeling ferocious.

The Key

A small key tinkles
as it sinks its teeth into the
tumbler’s open gut.

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